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  • The Cisco WebEx Marketplace App must be installed before adding WebEx Meetings to Calendar invites.  Please see this FAQ for help with adding Marketplace Apps.

  1. Login to your university Google account (,,
  2. In Google Calendar, click Create event
  3. Under Event Details, click Add conferencing, and then select WebEx meeting or Webex Personal Room meeting
    1. If you don't see these options under Add conferencing, please ensure you have installed the Cisco WebEx for Google Calendar app
      Add conferencing Menu
  4. Under Add location, you'll see Login required:
  5. Click Log In
    Login screenshot
  6. Click Allow

  7. Make sure is selected as the WebEx site that you want to use to schedule meetings and click Next
  8. If you didn't log in earlier, you'll be prompted to log in now. Click Log In
  9. Conferencing details are added to the meeting
  10. For future invites simply select WebEx meeting or WebEx Personal Room meeting when creating an invite

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