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Using Gmail App on Android
  1. Be sure you have enabled IMAP
  2. Download the free Gmail app from the Google Play Store
  3. Open the Gmail app and click to add Add an email address
  4. Click Google
  5. Type your University email address '' and click Next (right arrow)
  6. Click Accept to be directed to the UNC Charlotte login screen
  7. Enter your NinerNET credentials and click Log In
  8. Click OK for terms of service
  9. Select desired Google Services to sync and click the Right arrow
  10. Your account should now be synced


If you get an error message that your username/password are incorrect, verify that you typed your email address and NinerNET password correctly.  If the issue continues, try resetting your NinerNET password on the NinerNET website for password and account management and then try setup again.

It is recommended you connect your UNC Charlotte email to your Android device only using the Gmail or Google sync apps.

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