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  1. When addressing a message it is difficult to tell from the username whether someone is a faculty/staff or student.
  2. To make sure you are addressing an email to the correct person, choose Contacts from the drop down list.
  3. Enter the name of the person you want to email in the search box, first name then last name.
  4. Click on the Search icon.
    1. Faculty/staff will have a phone number by the name, students will not OR
    2. Click on the user profile, under Domain contacts and faculty/staff or student will be listed in the description field under Directory Profile.
  5. Once you find the right person, click on the mail icon by the name to send an email.



If you frequently email someone, it may be helpful to add them to your My Contacts. This will cause them to be listed at the top when you add them to the email. You will also be able to more easily work with contacts on a mobile device.


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