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  1. Before you submit grades, check to make sure you and your students are seeing the same grade in the Total column. If you see an orange eye in a column and a clear eye in the Total column, students are NOT seeing the same value in the Total column as you are
    1. For example, the Culture column is hidden. You can tell it is hidden because the orange eye icon is located to the left of the column name
    2. Also, there is a clear eye icon in the Total column for all students


      Instructors will always see the correct value in the Total column

  2. Student04 has a Total grade of 85 in your gradebook. This Total grade includes the grade from the Culture column, a 65
  3. However, when Student04 accesses her grades, her Total grade is 91.67%. You see a grade of B while the student sees a grade of A
    1. She does not see a grade for the Culture assignment
    2. Also notice that in the Culture grade row for the student, an eye icon is displayed. If the student hovers over the icon, the message “Instructor is working on grades” is displayed
    3. She sees a grade of 91.67, an A
  4. You must post the grades for the Culture column in order for students to view the correct value in the Total column
    1. To post the grades in the Culture column, click the 3 dots in the column header
    2. Select Post Grades
    3. In the Post Grades window, select your preference
    4. Click Post
    5. In your gradebook, the eye icons are no longer visible in the Total column
    6. In your gradebook, the orange eye icon is no longer visible for the Culture column


      The eye icon is still displayed, although it is grayed out. The column is NOT hidden and the icon will always be displayed in the column

    7. In the student gradebook, the Culture assignment has a grade and the Total grade matches the instructor view

  5. For additional information on using the gradebook, see the following Canvas documents
    1. How do I select a grade posting policy for a course?
    2. How do I select a grade posting policy for an assignment? 
    3. How do I post grades for an assignment?
    4. How do I hide grades for an assignment? 

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