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Follow the below instructions for bulk uploading members to a Google Group

Please note:

  • You must be a manager of the Google Group you want to update
  • The following process will replace current membership of the Group with the members in the file.
  • Current Manager, Owners, or Sub-Groups will not be modified.
  • Although there is generally not a limit on the number of members that can be added, depending on the size of your Group and the number of email addresses in the file, it may take some time for the page to respond after you select a file. 
  1. Go to this website and login if prompted
  2. Enter the exact email address of the Google Group that you manage that you would like to update

    Group Email Address

  3. Click SELECT FILE

    If prompted to Choose an account, select your UNC Charlotte account and click Allow to provide access.

  4. The Select a file window will open - search on Google Drive for and click the file that contains the new Group membership; click Select
    • The new membership list MUST...
      • Be saved as a Google Sheet to a Google Drive location (you will not be able to use an Excel file that is saved to a local disk (C: drive or desktop location) or a network drive (H:, J:, or S: drive)
      • Have the first tab named Sheet1
      • Have the first column of that Sheet1 tab contain the email addresses to the members you wish to sync to the group
  5. The sync tool will process the list displaying a status bar.  When complete, a summary of the changes will be displayed
    Google Group Sync Changes
  6. Click BEGIN SYNC
  7. A notification will be displayed indicating the sync has been completed - at this time, you should review the Group membership

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