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University Policy 102.5 outlines the criteria necessary to be considered for emeritus status.  Upon granting of emeritus status...

  • The following technology services are available or will continue to be available:
    • A university Google account including email access
    • University Dropbox account
    • Canvas (access to assigned courses of record)
    • A university identification card (door access to be granted by building coordinators)

      You will need to get a new card after being granted emeritus status.  Contact the 49er Card Office for additional details.

    • Access to
    • Inclusion in the AllFacStaff and the AllFaculty Google Groups for campus communications
  • The following technology services will be discontinued and will need to be requested if needed:
    • Access to Departmental network files (J: & S: drives)
    • Inclusion in the Dept-All-<Dept> Google Group for department communication
    • Ability to login to computers in the department location

Contact the IT Service Desk for additional assistance - 704-687-5500 or visit

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