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For both exempt and non-exempt employees, time off is added to the timesheet after approval by the supervisor.

Time Off APPROVED by supervisorTime Off NOT APPROVED by supervisor
  1. Determine which one of the following two scenarios fit and follow the Kronos WFR menu instructions listed:
    1. If it is for a day in the current bi-weekly period:
      1. Click My Account > My Timesheet > My Current Timesheet, OR
    1. If it is for a day on a future or a past bi-weekly timesheet:  
      1. Click My Account > My Time Off > History
      2. Click the Open Timesheet icon next to the date requested. open timesheet

        For past timesheets that are closed, the supervisor or departmental timekeeper must first re-open the timesheet by clicking the reject or correct button located on the green action bar in the top right corner of the employee's timesheet.

  1. Click Change Requests on the green action item bar at the top right of the screen.
    green action item bar
  2. In the window that opens, click the drop-down for Change Type and choose Cancel Time Off or Modify Time Off.
    timesheet change request options
    1. If Cancel Time Off is selected, any approved time off on the timesheet will be displayed. 
      cancel time off screenshot
      1. Click the white box to insert a check mark next to the applicable date to cancel.
      2. Click Submit Changes. submit changes button
    2. If Modify Time off is selected, any approved time off on the timesheet will be displayed with the pencil edit icon next to it. 
      modify time off screenshot
      1. Click the pencil icon next to the applicable date to modify. pencil icon
      2. Change the category of Time Off, the total Hours, or both.
      3. Click Submit Changes. submit changes button
      4. All Timesheet Change Requests are sent to the supervisor for approval.

        If the timesheet was re-opened by the supervisor for a change request to be completed, after the change request is approved, the employee should resubmit the timesheet for a final approval again.

  1. Click My Account > My Time Off > Request in Kronos WFR
  2. Scroll to Recent Requests at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Click the delete delete icon icon to cancel the request or the pencil icon pencil icon to modify the request.
  4. Choose a different time off category, dates, or hours as needed.
  5. Click the Save button. save button


This process can be completed to change the Time Off type, date, or hours.

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