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  1. Go to
  2. In the top right corner, click on the Log In button
  3. Enter your NinerNET credentials
  4. Click the Spaces tab in the top left and select FAQ - Draft Content 

      1. If this is your first time, the space will not be listed, click Space Directory and select the space
  5. Locate the desired article and click Edit in the top right of that article
  6. Ensure the article follows the general rules for formatting
  7. Double-click the Content by Label block immediately below the Related FAQs section
  8. Make sure the appropriate label for the article is entered based on the general rules for formatting
  9. Click the Labels option along the top, beside the page title (with a tag icon next to it)
  10. Enter the appropriate Labels for the article
    1. These should be the exact same labels used in the Content by Label block
    2. You can simply type the labels and separate them with a space
    3. Click the Add button to apply the labels
  11. When finished, click Save
  12. Click the triple dot button to the right of the Edit button
  13. Click the Move option
  14. Enter the New Space: as UNC Charlotte FAQ
    1. As you type, the option should be displayed on it when it appears
  15. Enter the correct parent page in the New parent page field
    1. As you type, the option should be displayed on it when it appears
    2. The parent page should be a Topic or Subtopic that's already been created
  16. Click Move and you will be taken to the article where it's published in the public FAQ
  17. To review another article, repeat steps 5-16 again
  18. When you're finished reviewing articles, click on the person in the top right and select Log Out


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