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The Google Core Apps are covered by the University's Terms of Service agreement; the Consumer and Marketplace Apps are not. When using these apps the first time, you will be asked to enter into a personal Terms of Service Agreement with Google. Since use of these apps is covered under a personal agreement, NEVER post confidential information in order to avoid the risk of exposing sensitive information.

  1. The Consumer Apps have limited support; troubleshooting is limited to best effort
  2. These Marketplace Apps and Add-ons are not supported by ITS and may be removed at any time if usability or security risk changes. Use at your own risk.
  3. See this FAQ if you would like to request a Google Consumer/Marketplace App or Add-on
  4. See this FAQ for more information on how Google applications are supported
Google Core AppsGoogle Consumer AppsGoogle Marketplace Apps
  1. Gmail
  2. Google Calendar
  3. Google Contacts
  4. Google Docs
  5. Google Drive
  6. Google Forms
  7. Google Groups
  8. Google Hangouts
  9. Google Keep
  10. Google Sheets
  11. Google Sites
  12. Google Slides
  1. Google AdWords (for faculty and staff)

  2. Google Analytics

  3. Google Blogger

  4. Google Custom Search Engine

  5. Google Fusion Tables

  6. Google Inbox

  7. Google Maps

  8. Google My Maps

  9. Google Photos

  10. Google Partner Dash 
  11. Google Takeout

  12. Google Webmaster Tools (for faculty and staff)
  13. Google+
  14. YouTube

Click the below links for additional info
See this FAQ to use these apps

  1. Asana (Sheets / Docs)
  2. autoCrat (Sheets)
  3. Choice Eliminator 2 (Forms)
  4. EasyBib (Docs)
  5. formLimiter (Forms)
  6. formMule (Sheets)
  7. formRanger (Forms)
  8. Grackle (Docs)
  9. Lucidchart (Docs)
  10. Save Emails and Attachments (Sheets)
  11. Sheetgo (Sheets)
  12. Smartsheet (Sheets / Docs)
  13. Yet Another Mail Merge (Sheets)

Consumer/Marketplace Apps and Docs/Sheets Add-ons Reviewed and Denied

  • Boomerang: Funding unavailable
  • Change Case: Not available in Google Marketplace
  • Chrome Sync: Concerns for the syncing of credit card data
  • Code Pretty: Not available in Google Marketplace
  • Email Scheduler: Limited functionality with free version
  • Form Confirmation Emails: Not available in Google Marketplace
  • Form Publisher: Not available in Google Marketplace
  • Google Map Maker: Service discontinued by Google
  • Google Voice: Complications / conflicts with existing University telecom system
  • Insert and Delete Cells: Not available in Google Marketplace

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