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  1. As you can see in the formatting rules, there are several types of blocks that can be used to highlight information in the articles you create
  2. If you have content that you want to highlight in a block; insert the desired block by following these steps:
    1. Edit or Create the article that needs a block
    2. Place your cursor where you want to insert the block
    3. Go to + Insert > Other macros on the toolbar
    4. Search for the block you want by typing their name in the search along the top
      1. Info
      2. Note
      3. Warning
      4. Tip
    5. Double click the one you want
    6. In the Optional Title field, type a word or phrase that represents the content the block will hold.  This can be something as simple as Info, Note, Warning, Tip
    7. Click Save
    8. Type the content you want in the block.  If you want a list, it must be a numbered list
  3. If a block is inserted in the middle of content, perhaps between #2 and 3, there should be no extra spaces before or after the block
  4. If a block is inserted before or after content, before #1 or above the horizontal line at the bottom, there must be 1 space before and after the block



If you want to use an Info block, there is a shortcut to insert one. Go to + Insert > Info.


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