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  1. My Account > My Time Off > Request and go to the Time Off section.
  2. In the Time Off field, select the type of time off to request using the list time offs icon to browse list time offs icon
  3. Choose the appropriate leave category from the list (max of one per request).
    Time off lookup categories
  4. Choose the appropriate Request Type.

    Full Day Off RequestPartial Day Off RequestConsecutive Days Off Request

    1. Select the Full Day radio button. 

    2. Click the view calendar icon to choose the date view calendar icon.


    This choice will request, at most, 8 hours.

    Option 1: 

    1. Select the Partial Day (Start/Stop) radio button.

    2. Request the specific From and To times (e.g., 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm) OR

    Option 2:

    1. Select the Partial Day (Bulk) radio button.

    2. Request a specific amount of hours (e.g., 2 hours).

    1. Select the Multiple Days radio button. 

    2. Enter the date range in the From and To fields, or use the view calendar icon to select the dates from the calendar view calendar icon

    3. Enter Total Hours Per Day to the request, NOT the total hours of the entire range.


    A range of dates that includes scheduled days off can be selected because the system will not request time for those days.

  5. Leave a Comment for your supervisor (optional).
  6. Click the Submit Request button in the green ribbon near the top right of the screen submit request button.


    Requesting Multiple Days off.
    time off screenshot
  7. Refer to this FAQ if you are a supervisor. 


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