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Receiving an error message means that the timesheet for that pay period has already been approved and no changes can be made while in this state (including approving a Time Off Request).

  1. Go to Manage Time > Manage Timesheets > By Pay Period.
  2. Click the appropriate double arrow to navigate to the period that matches the Time Off Request
  3. Click the edit timesheet button to the far left of the employee's row to view the timesheet. edit button
  4. Click the Correct button on located on the green action item bar at the top right of the timesheet view to open the timesheet and make changes, including approving Time Off. correct button
  5. Go to Manage Time > Time Off Requests > Pending Approval.
  6. Approve the Time Off Request.
  7. Go back to the timesheet by following instructions 1-3. 
  8. Approve the timesheet. 

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