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  1. Google Group settings should be set to reflect how the Group will be used.  There are many settings that control how the Group functions, from who can post messages to how members can view content.  
  2. Below are the settings that address core Google Group functionality. Google Group settings are accessed from the main Group page.

    You must have the Manager role to view and change Google Group settings.

  3. In your My Groups list, click Manage to view settings
    Groups Manage Group
    1. Settings > Email Options
      1. Subject prefix:  text that will be added to the subject in email sent from Group
    2. Permissions > Basic Permissions
      1. View Topics:  What members can view topics
      2. Post:  Who can post messages to the group
      3. Join the group:  How members join
      4. External members:  Can members external to UNC Charlotte join
    3. Permissions > Access Permissions
      1. View Members:  What members can view membership list.
      2. View Member Email Addresses:  What members can view other member's email addresses.
      3. View Topics: What members can view the topics forum. 
    4. Information > General Information
      1. Posting options:  Allow posting by email (general setting to allow ability for members to send email to Group).
      2. Posting options:  Allow users to post to the group on the web (general setting to allow ability for members to access the Group forum).

Default Settings

Click here for details about default Google Group settings.

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