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Supplemental to University Policy 602.10, Mobile Communication Device Allowances and MCD Procedures.

  1. Any exceptions to the established allowance amounts must be approved by the Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs or their designee.
  2. In limited situations, Departments may determine that there is sufficient business need to maintain University-owned MCDs with associated service plans. 


    Devices required to be shared by employees while on duty and data-collection devices needed for research purposes.

  3. In these situations, administration of the device and service costs associated with the device (including payment of monthly bills) must be managed by the issuing Department. 
  4. Employees must follow their Department’s internal policies and procedures related to such devices.


If an employee uses their personal device for infrequent business-related calls and does not already receive an MCD allowance or have a University-owned device, they may request reimbursement through the University’s existing business expense reimbursement process. However, if such usage becomes more frequent, the employee should consider requesting an MCD allowance.

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