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Percipio is replacing Skillport. It is anticipated that Skillport will no longer be available after May 2020.

All faculty, staff and students have access to Skillport. However, accounts are created during the first time login process. Before assigning a resource to an employee make sure that they have logged into Skillport at least once. Only managers and admins can assign resources.  Verify what access level you have before attempting to assign in Skillport. 

  1. Log into Skillport
  2. In the top left, click Quick Links > Admin
    skillport admin
  3. Along the top, click Users & Groups > User Management
    skillport users
  4. Enter the username in the search box for the employee you wish to assign a resource to; click Search
    1. You should only assign resources to employees who work for you 
    2. Skillport does not maintain information about reporting structures so this is not a technical limitation; it is a process limitation
      search results
  5. Select the employee's name (if they're in multiple groups, you may see their name listed multiple times)
  6. On the right side, click the Learning Plan Assignment tab
    individual assignments
  7. Click Edit Individual Assignments link
  8. Along the top, enter the name of the resource (course, book, etc) you wish to assign and click Search
    1. The Search is very specific, sometimes typing only part of the title can be more effective
  9. Select the desired resource from the search results and click the Assign arrow
    assigning resources
  10. A new window of options will display. Make the desired selections, including if this is an option or required resource, and click OK
  11. Click Save

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