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ITS has a firewall in place to prevent unauthorized access to or from the University network. Ports can be opened when there is a legitimate academic or business need. Requests for new firewall rules require review and approval by ITS to ensure there are no inherent risks in opening up access through the firewall.

  1. To get started, go to
  2. Click on the Firewall Rule Request Form button
  3. If prompted, log in using your NinerNET credentials
  4. Fill out all required fields. In the fields asking for contacts/owners, click the button and search for the user(s) to select them.
    1. For the Reason for this request: field, be sure to be descriptive in why you need these firewall changes to be made.
  5. To add requests, go to the following section:
     Image of fields in Cherwell that need to be completed.
    1. Enter the Source IP Address/Hostname and select the appropriate Protocol.
    2. Enter the Destination IP Address/Hostname, Port and whether you need to Add a new request, Modify an existing rule, or Delete an existing rule.
    3. To add this rule to the request, click the Add rule button. 
    4. By default, the information in the Source/Destination box will remain, in case you need to make multiple, similar requests. To reset this information back to blank boxes, click the Reset button.
    5. You can keep adding as many rules as needed.
    6. Add any Additional Notes: into the box.
  6. When the request is ready to be submitted, click the Submit button at the bottom of the form.

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