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Automatically Graded Assignments

The essence of an Assignment is based on the faculty manually grading the student's work. Only Quizzes allow for automatic grading, when using certain question types. These question types could be multiple-choice, multiple answers, true/false, matching, and numeric answers.

There is an option to automatically apply a deduction for late submissions, but you would have to give all students a default grade for the total points for an assignment. That total grade would be entered after all students have uploaded their submission.

  1. Create the assignment in Canvas and allow students to upload their completed assignment
  2. Set the Late Policy option to Automatically apply deduction for late submissions as a grade percentage (e.g. 10% after the due date)
    1. When students upload their assignments by the due date, their grade will remain at full points
    2. If a student uploads their assignment after the due date, the system will remove 10% from the total grade for each day or hour they are late
  3. Go to the Gradebook and set a Default Grade for everyone (after all students have completed their submissions)
    1. The deduction will be applied retroactively based on the number of hours or days the submission was late

Late Policies

Please note that the Late Policies option is applied to all assessments in a course (quizzes, discussion forums, and assignments).

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