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Poll Everywhere has released a new function called, "Teams" that allows you to share poll questions in Poll Everywhere and PowerPoint, run reports on all presentations, and more! In order to use this function, you will need to request a Team

  1. Log into using your NinerNET credentials 
  2. You should now see the Polls page. Along the left side of the screen, select the Shared with Me option
    1. Note that the Account Polls feature is disabled and will not be visible to you 
  3. Your Shared with Me page shows all the polls that you have shared or have been shared with you within Teams
  4. You will be able to present these questions by selecting the hyperlink. Your PollEverywhere credentials will appear to collect student responses 
  5. You can also edit the questions in the same way you do with questions you create yourself
    1. Note that this does NOT change the way in which the question is displayed for your teammate(s). This will only edit the question on your account
  6. For questions shared with you, once the owner of those questions complete edits, the changes to the questions will be updated in your account
  7. Any new faculty and staff added to your Teams account will have immediate access to the shared questions

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