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Class Competition can be useful in enticing your students to engage with course content. Poll Everywhere has features that allow the class to play on teams with updates on winning teams available after every question. 
  1. Log on via with your NinerNET credentials. Create poll questions via the Competition question type 
  2. Once you have created all the questions you need, create a poll and select the Assign Teams question type. Multiple team numbers will appear. These can be deleted and names can be changed to fit the needs of your classroom 
  3. Once created, the assign team question will need to be grouped together with Competition questions. This can be completed via the Polls tab
    1. The assign team question must be first in order to track team progress live
  4. Before activating, you will need to segment the polls.  After collecting all the answers for 'Which team are you on?," enable the segmentation via the visual settings tabs and proceed to the competition questions. Teams are noted by their color. Colors are customizable by the presenter via the Legends tab in Visual Settings 


For more general information on question options via Poll Everywhere, check out 

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