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Citrix is available for everyone to use; however, if you use a Macintosh for processing documents in the imaging system you must to login to Citrix to access Perceptive Content.

  1. Go to

  2. Login with your NinerNET credentials


3.  Click on the APPS icon

4.  Click on the imaging icon

a. If you need to link to Banner or use the ImageNow Printer, please use the Perceptive Content 7 and IE browser combination

b. Log in to Banner and Perceptive Content 7 in the same window session

5.  Log in to Perceptive Content using your NinerNET credentials


Citrix Group Requirement

To use Citrix, you must be included in the DTS-Imagenow-Citrix group. This is managed by OneIT Desktop Support.  Please submit a Cherwell ticket to request access.

Remote Access

To access remotely, VPN access is required.

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