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The university response to COVID-19 evolves on a daily basis. Technology partners both on and off campus are pivoting daily to meet needs. This list compiles some of the changes; we recognize that it is not comprehensive. 


  1. Remember you can use eduroam from any campus that has it.
  2. Adobe Creative Cloud available for students home personal use until July 6, 2020.
  3. Students can now host WebEx meetings in Canvas.
  4. IBM SPSS Statistics and IBM SPSS Amos are available for installation on personal devices


  1. Respondus Monitor is now available for proctoring tests and exams.
  2. Planned required operating system upgrade for university Windows and Mac computers is postponed
  3. Websites that help faculty teach online, or


  1. New website available to help staff work remotely
  2. New website for what systems and level of data can be accessed remotely from university and personal computers
  3. See this FAQ for tips on working remotely
  4. RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol - Windows) and VNC (Virtual Network Computing - Mac) requests are not being processed because of the security risk. If the services is not accessible through the VPN, the recommendation is for staff to not perform that activity remotely. See this FAQ for more details.

Sponsored Guests

  1. WebEx accounts can be given to sponsored guests. Contact the Service Desk with name and username of guest(s). See this FAQ for more details.

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