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In order to view attendance for your synchronous classes in WebEx, you must schedule and launch them using the WebEx in Canvas tool.

  1. Log into the with your NinerNET credentials
  2. Open your course, and click on the WebEx link in the left hand navigation menu

  3. Click on Event Attendance along the top horizontal menu bar

  4. Locate the class meeting in the displayed list below
  5. If this is the first time you have viewed attendance for this particular session, click the button Check for Attendance

  6. If this is a return visit to view attendance for a particular session, click the button View Attendance List

  7. Your attendance will display in a pop-up window, you can Download as CSV file that can be opened in Excel

  8. The Excel file will show you the student’s name, email, IP address, Browser, and when they joined the synchronous session and when they left
    1. *Consider: If a student experienced internet connection issues and had to leave and rejoin you will see their name however many times they joined and left, with the time they were in course shown for each entry

Backup Method

If the Event Attendance is not displaying the correct results from WebEx in Canvas, you can use these instructions to get your attendance results from as a second option

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