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WebEx has identified some known issues with the integration between WebEx meetings, both Personal and scheduled unique Meetings, and Google Calendar.  One circumstance in particular, has been documented numerous times on campus.

Details of the situation...

  • WebEx meeting information is saved to a singular Google Calendar event of a recurring meeting - one reason for this is could be WebEx meeting information needs to be different for each Google Calendar event
    Screenshot of Google Calendar This Event
  • The Google Calendar event is immediately checked and the WebEx meeting information is displayed
  • The Google Calendar event is checked again approximately 1 minute later and the WebEx meeting information is no longer showing

Known issue from WebEx...

  • "We don't support adding a Webex meeting to one occurrence of a recurring meeting that doesn't have a Webex meeting already added to it. The Webex meeting will be removed from the one meeting occurrence when the scheduling request is rejected by the scheduling service."

Workaround for the situation...

  • When adding WebEx meeting information to a recurring Google Calendar event, do one of the following....
    • When possible, add the WebEx meeting information to the Google Calendar event and all following events - select This and following events
      Screenshot of Google Calendar - This and following events
    • Save the WebEx meeting in the description of the Google Calendar event, not specifically as Conferencing information
      Google Calendar event description
    • If the WebEx meeting will change for future events, consider emailing the WebEx meeting connection details separately to attendees

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