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  1. Before an individual is permitted to work with live animals, he or she must complete the following to be deemed “cleared” to engage in animal research or animal care activities:
    1. Completion of online educational modules via the CITI system;
    2. Completion of a Basic Health History Form (BHHF) to include the most recent tetanus immunization date for enrollment in the Occupational Health program and subsequent clearance by the Occupational Physician;
    3. Completion of orientation training for the Vivarium with the Attending Veterinarian/Director of Laboratory Animal Resources;
    4. Inclusion on an Animal Care Application as personnel with specific roles and duties assigned related to the research proposed in the Application.
  2. These requirements apply for ALL faculty, staff, post-doctoral fellows, students, and anyone else handling or exposed to live vertebrate animals. In addition, these requirements also apply to foreign students or visiting fellows or faculty, individuals not affiliated with the University but who contract with UNC Charlotte to engage in animal research on campus, summer students, and high school students working in labs where animal research is being conducted.



Application approval will be held until all personnel listed on the application have completed all animal care and use personnel requirements. 

For additional questions or clarification contact the IACUC Compliance Program Manager at or at 704-687-1872.