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If you are on campus and using the wired, or wireless network, the network drive should automatically be available on your computer.

If you are off-campus, you will need to connect to the VPN, map the drive and then save files.

If Saving a Newly Created FileIf File is Already Saved to the Local Computer (C: drive)
When you first create a file, or open it:
  1. Click File > Save As 
  2. Click Browse
  3. Click This PC on the left side and select the desired network drive
To save one or multiple files to a network drive:
  1. Open the file explorer window and locate the file(s) you want saved
  2. Open another file explorer window and go to This PC > (network drive you want)
  3. Highlight all files you want to move to the network drive 
  4. Drag/drop the selected files to the window showing the desired network drive

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