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  1. The traveler should pay for meals using personal funds.
  2. When traveling, meal reimbursements are limited to subsistence rates based on State policy.
  3. After travel is complete, submit a Request for Travel Reimbursement form to be reimbursed for meal expenses not provided while traveling on University business.


    University business applies if the traveler is a current UNC Charlotte employee or a non-employee (with a valid business purpose).

  4. To request reimbursement for meal expenses incurred while on University business but not in travel status, use a Direct Pay Request (DPR) form.

  5. Refer to this FAQ for clarification on travel status.
  1. If you are looking for guidance on paying for catering or food for events, please refer to the "How To" guide on Food and Beverage, How to Pay
  2. Costs for a traveler's subsistence meals cannot be paid for using a P-card, whether or not they have the hospitality profile.
  3. For specific travel procedures and a list of allowable and non-allowable travel items, refer to the Travel Manual and the Purchasing Card Manual.

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