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Percipio is replacing Skillport. It is anticipated that Skillport will no longer be available after May 2020.

Supervisors and managers can request elevated access in Skillport and assign courses and materials to employees. To request access, contact the IT Service Desk, 7-5500 or

  1. Create the desired report for the employee or course you need information about
  2. Instead of clicking Save Result, select Save As
  3. Make any desired changes and click OK
    1. It may be helpful to copy the Name into the description, so you know the report template used, and rename it something more meaningful to you
  4. A box will display asking if you want to schedule this report to be run regularly, make the desired select

    1. If you select Yes, you will be able to setup the schedule and click the Email tab to enter if you'd like an email copy when the report is run

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