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Current Schedule Changes:

  1. Log into Kronos WFR (existing users only).
  2. Go to My Team> Employee Information.
  3. Click on the profile icon next to the Employee Record you wish update. Employee Profile Icon
  4. Verify that you are on the MAIN tab of the employee profile.
    Employee Profile Main Tab
  5. Scroll down to the Profiles section and click the drop down Dropdownor list icon List View by the "Work Schedules" field to view available schedule options.
    Work Schedules
  6. Scroll through the list and when the correct schedule is identified:

    Option #1 - Select the schedule name.
    Schedule lookup dropdown 

    Option #2 - Select the flag.

    Schedule lookup list view


    Make sure you select a schedule that includes "w/lunch deduction" variation in the name to ensure it's a schedule that will automatically deduct the lunch break. If the schedule name is too long and cuts off, reference the "description" field (option #2) to see if it includes an automatic deduction.

    If the schedule needed doesn't exist in the list, email with the details.

  7. Click SAVE icon near the top right of the page when you are ready to save the changes. 
  8. Schedule changes are not retroactive and are effective from the day changed going forward. If changes need to be made retroactively to specific days, continue to the next section. 

Retroactive Schedule Changes: 

If a change to a non-exempt employee’s work schedule is made on the profile after the employee has recorded time on a timesheet, a retroactive schedule change is needed for each day.

  1. While on the Timesheet view of the timesheet in Kronos WFR, click the schedule name in the Schedule column.

    Schedule Column Timesheet

    1. Click the drop down Dropdownor list icon List View by the Type field to view available schedule options.
    2. Click the schedule name or the flag icon  next to the desired schedule for the day.
    3. Click the save button  to save the changes.
    4. Repeat these steps for each day that needs to be corrected.

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