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Commonly Used Student Forms
SFAREGQClass schedule
SFASLSTClass list for a section
SFASTCARegistration audit trail
SFASRPORegistration overrides
SGAADVRAssigned advisor
SGASTDNGeneral student information
SGASTDQSummary of student information
SHACRSECourse summary
SHASUBJSubject history
SHATERMTerm course history

Transfer course information

SOAHOLDView student holds
SOAIDENSearching for a student
SOAPCOLPrior institution

Test score information

SSASECQSearching for a section
TSICSRVAccount summary


Passwords: You have signed a Confidentiality Agreement, which prohibits you from sharing your password or authorizing someone else to use it.

Student Records: You have signed a Confidentiality Agreement, which requires that you will use your authorized access to Records System information only in the performance of the responsibilities of your position as a University employee. Any other access is prohibited. You are not authorized to access your own student record.


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