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PEAEMPLPosition & Job Information

  1. View FTE, salary, title, grade & emp class (Options > Job Detail)
  2. View FOAP information for a job in (Options > Job Labor Distribution)
  3. View all jobs/pos # for an employee. Enter UNCC ID, hit search next to POSN and select List of employee's jobs
  1. View position labor distribution. Enter Pos# and FY, hit next block 5 times
  2. View position budget & encumbrance information. Enter Pos# and FY, hit the tab key and then the next block twice
NBAPOSNView position title, assignment %, supervisor of position, FLSA, position grade, and employee class
NBIPINCView list of position incumbents
NBIPOSHView position history (titles and supervisor info)

Department & Employment Information

NBIPORGView all positions in a department (enter ORGN number)
  1. View an employee's department
  2. View dates of hire, service, seniority, first & last day worked
  3. View employee's leave & benefit categories
  4. View FT/PT status and employment status (active, terminated, on leave)

Leave Information

PEALEAVView leave balances
PEILHISView leave history

Education & Experience

  1. Experience code is in EMPR/EXP box
  2. Education credit: Curr End Salar is UNCC, Curr End Rate is Other
PPAGENLDisplay actual degree information: school name & degree earned

Salary & Job History

NBAJOBSView job & salary history for an employee: Enter UNCC ID, hit search and select List of employee's jobs. Modify query date, if needed, and select a job from the list to see salary history. Then go to Options > Job Detail
NBIJLSTHistory: the query date is history as of date. Change as needed (Job history was not migrated to Banner)
SupervisorNBAPOSNLook up supervisor information
PEAEMPLHome Department and I-9 Status
General PurposeGOAEMALDisplay employee's email address
  1. Display date of birth, citizenship, gender
  2. Display emergency contact info
  3. Display employee's work location
Labor Distribution & FOAP NHIDISTSee who was paid in a particular FOAP. Tab to index, enter index #, hit next block
NHIEDSTView FOAP, Payroll, Encumbrances, ORGN
Password & System IdentificationGUAPSWDChange password
GUASYSTShows modules at UNC Charlotte
Hours Worked & EarningsPEIETOTView hours worked and earnings


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