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The Duo Mobile app is the preferred method for students, faculty and staff to quickly and securely verify their identity using Duo two-factor authentication.

  1. The Duo Mobile app is available for free in the Google Play Store for Android or iPhone in the App Store. 
  2. You can use the Duo Mobile app to Send a Duo Push or Enter a Passcode.
    1. Duo Push is an on-demand authentication method that works with just a cellular (or WiFi) connection.
      1. Duo Push uses the Duo app to send a banner notification:
         Duo Authentication Prompt
    2. Enter a Passcode is an on-demand authentication method that generates an in-app code and works without an internet connection.
      1. Enter a Passcode sends a 6-digit code to your Duo Mobile app or to you in a text message that you enter to authenticate.
  3. Because most of us carry a mobile phone with us everywhere, using the Duo Mobile app is often the most convenient way to verify your identity. 
  4. It is free to use the Duo Mobile app, whereas the Call Me option incurs a cost for the University.

See this FAQ to get started with the Duo Mobile app!

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