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This guide is for students, faculty, and staff attending a WebEx Training session in Canvas as an attendee (not a host).

  1. Login to Canvas

  2. Select the course in which you are attending a WebEx Training event
  3. Locate WebEx on the sidebar
  4. You will see the scheduled meetings for the course listed here. On your first visit, set your time zone to whatever time zone is appropriate for your location (i.e. -04:00 America/New York)
  5. To join an upcoming or in progress event, click the Join button

    You can Join an upcoming event 15 minutes before the scheduled start time and anytime while the session is still in progress. Otherwise, there will be no button displayed for the event

  6. You will then see a new tab open and briefly see the message below
  7. Cisco WebEx Training will then launch

    If the host has not yet joined, you will see this message

  8. When the WebEx Training loads and the instructor joins, you will be prompted to Join the Audio Conference. Click Call Using Computer to your computer microphone or USB headset (recommended)

  9. You are now in your WebEx Training session

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