1. Create  Content->Events
  2. Add Title.
  3. Add Date and Time.
  4. Make sure the show on calendar box is checked.
  5. Add the Location.
  6. Add any event details.
  7. Click on General Registrations the Event Registration drop down. 
    This will enable the registration system.
  8. Save the page.

Event Registration

  1. Click on the Registration tab.
    It is next to the edit tab.
  2. Select Import from the drop down list under Configuration Selection.
  3. Enter: Template with no quotes in the Configuration Import.
  4. Select the Template.
  5. Click configure Event.

All of the notification emails and backend program will be imported to the site.

You have one chance to import the event registration configurations. If you select New instead of Import, it is easier to create a new event and try again.

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