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The Poll Everywhere Gradebook report is a compact table with participants listed down the left and questions across the columns. This report requires your polls to have Grading enabled, with the correct answers indicated. For questions used in multiple sections or classes, faculty will be able to archive the different responses based on the classes to run either individual reports or combined reports.

  1. After creating all poll questions and collecting the desired responses, click the Reports tab
  2. Click the Create report button
  3. In the Select Report Type dialog window, click Gradebook 
  4. A window will appear showing your poll questions. Click the checkbox beside the targeted group or the desired polls. Click Finish to save report
  5. The compiled gradebook report will appear
    Created Gradebook report
  6. You can Sort students by several options including Name, Grade, and Participation
    Sort by Name and Grade and Participation
  7. There is a Legend to identify type of responses
    Legend responses
  8. To complete the Gradebook report, you will be able to Add/Remove Polls
    Poll Options
  9. You can choose your Participants (class roster) to assign to the report
    1. The class roster was imported from Canvas into Poll Everywhere through the Participants tab
  10. Use the Select run option to choose the archived responses saved when you cleared your poll questions
    1. Multiple archived files are saved when the same poll questions are used in multiple classes
    Select Runs
  11. Once the above options are chosen, you can either Download a CSV file, Export to Canvas gradebook, or Print a PDF copy of the Gradebook report
    Export options

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