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  1. Download the survey export package to your computer

    Do NOT unzip the file! You will NOT be able to upload it into Canvas!

  2. Access your Canvas course
  3. Click the Settings link
  4. In the right pane, select Import Course Content
  5. In the Content Type drop-down list, select Canvas Course Export Package
  6. In the Source area, click Browse to search for and choose the downloaded survey export package from your computer
  7. In the Content area, select All Content. Since the export package only contains one item, it will only add one item to your course
  8. Click Import
  9. When the upload is complete, in the left pane, click Quizzes
  10. The newly imported survey, named Midterm Feedback, is listed.  You can edit the survey, change the questions, add due dates, etc.

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