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Sometimes the image from a selected source will appear on the monitor but not on the projector. This can happen for a number of reasons, a few of which are described below.

  1. The projector is not turned on 
    1. The projector may not have turned on with the rest of the system. The projector should have a green indicator light to indicate that it is powered on. 
    2. How do I manually power the projector on or off?
  2. The video source is muted on the touch panel
    1. If the Mute Video button is selected on the touch panel, the video feed from the source to the projector will not be shown. Press the button again to un-mute the video feed.
    2. How do I hide or disable the image to the projector?
  3. The source is not turned on
    1. If you are trying to use the NinerNet PC, check the computer in the podium to see if it is powered on. Press the power button once to turn the computer on.
    2. If you are trying to use the document camera, the power indicator light will be blue when it is powered on.

If you've tried these solutions but still do not see an image on the projector, call Classroom Support by pressing the System Help button on the touch panel.

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