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When using the WebEx desktop app (not the browser version) you can follow these steps to share a YouTube video or website with participants in your WebEx session:

  1. Select the Share menu in the upper left corner of the WebEx session window
  2. Click Share Multimedia...

  3. To share multimedia, enter the URL of the web page (e.g. YouTube video) that contains the multimedia content, not the direct URL for downloading the file
  4. Copy and paste the website of the YouTube video or website you want to share
  5. Select OK
  6. The content will automatically appear in the Multimedia Viewer panel for all students. They will have control to navigate the site on their own as well as start and stop any audio or video sharing

Due to differing internet speeds, keep in mind that some students' content may load faster than others.
Please note that the multimedia viewer panel does not support Linux, Solaris, and mobile operations systems.

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